Fire system NT 78 EI


Aluminium fire system NT 78 EI

Inner and outer aluminium fire-resistant doors, windows and partition walls built using the three-chamber system NT 78 EI.
The structural depth of aluminium profiles for frames and leaves is 78 mm. The system includes 35 mm wide thermal insulation washers. Three-chamber aluminium system and additional reinforcing elements allow the production of large-sized structures.

Fire classification: EI15, EI30, EI45, EI60

Filling: Glass and fireproof glazing units complying with the requirements of PN-EN 1279-1:2006, PN-EN 1279-5:2006

Smoke tightness: Class SA and Sm according to PN-EN 13501-2:2005

  • Features
    - filling thickness 8-50 mm
    - compatibility with other systems - arched structures
    - smoke-proof structures