Systems PT 52 / 60 / 68


Aluminium section system with thermal insulation PT 52 / 60 / 68 for external structures

Aluminium door section system of three-chamber design for single-or double-leafed doors that open outwards and have different threshold constructions. Symmetric three-chamber section structure and the installation of two connective inserts at each corner ensures the stability of corner joints. An extra chamber improves rigidity, thereby allowing for the production of large-sized aluminium structures. 

This system ensures easy installation of accessories, which boosts the process of producing a structure considerably. Aluminium doors may be produced with recessed hinges.

  • Features
    - possibility of making doors in a single plane
    - compatibility with other systems
    - a great variety of door leaf production options: with a wide beam or a leaf at the angle of 45°, with or without a threshold
    - the possibility of using hi-tech two components EPDM gaskets with perfect thermal insulation