Facade system NT 152 SG


Facade system NT 152 SG Structural aluminium and glass facades

A mullion-transom system, developed for the production of structural and semi-structural facades. On the outside, the structure makes for a smooth glass wall. Full façade glazing effect is achieved by means of using sections that are only visible from the inside; the only elements seen from the outside are glass surfaces and thin 16 mm joints between glass panels. This system may be used for creating facades with glass panels of different sizes.

Aluminium façade structures rest on solid 52 mm wide mullions and transoms.

Glass is fastened using structural adhesive bonding or metal support, which ensures the individual shape of a façade structure.

  • Capabilities
    - production of outward-opening and sloping windows;
    - filling thickness: 6, 26, 28 mm
External finish
- Powder painting with polyether paint pursuant to the Qualicoat requirements, colour selection according to RAL;

- Anodic coating in the following colours: natural aluminium, olive, champagne, golden, brown, pursuant to the Qualanod requirements;

- Woodgrain painting (sublimation).

The full catalog of RAL colors
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