General information


The properties of aluminium sections allow these to be installed in apertures of the most complicated configurations and, essentially, open up a vastitude of opportunities for fantasy, creativity and implementation of the most daring architectural ideas.

Apparently, the key advantage of this material is its durability, sustainable for over 50 years. Aluminium doors and windows emit no toxic substances and thus are absolutely health- and environment-friendly, also ensuring the optimal daylight utilization level and making rooms more spacious.

Company ISG will make aluminum doors and other structures according to your individual requirements.

- swing, sliding and folding doors and partitions (system - PT 50, PT 52)

- aluminum doors, windows, arched elements (system - PE 78PT 60, PT 52)

- facades, showcases, interior gardens (system - PF 152, NT 152 SG)

- fireproof doors and other structures (system - NT 78 EI)

Products from aluminum profiles gracefully look and can fit in any interior and architecture of buildings, both old type, and new. Our specialists gives consultations and helps to choose system following concrete type of object.
  • All aluminum profiles of ISG company correspond to the European quality standards, and have confirming permissions and quality certificates.
    Aluminium structures fit excellently to each other and form perfect combinations with other materials.