PЕ 78 system with thermal insulation


Aluminium section system with thermal insulation PЕ 78 for external structures

Four-chamber aluminium section door system with a Euro groove, belongs to the structures with special heat insulation requirements. This system is intended for the production of aluminium door structures with the highest thermal insulation requirements. Thanks to its structure, the system provides great rigidity and durability of the sections, while extra reinforcement elements allow for the production of large-sized structures. Custom-designed connecting sections provide an easy way to connect aluminium doors to showcases.

The structural depth of aluminium profiles is 78 mm. 

The system allows the usage of a wide range of accessories and door hinges and a series of threshold solutions (including PVC) in order to ensure excellent water drainage and heat insulation. 

  • Features
    - compatibility with other systems
    - section bending
    - filling thickness 23 - 61 mm
    - arched structures
    - the possibility of using hi-tech two components EPDM gaskets with perfect thermal insulation