About US


The ISG company was founded in 2007, after the restructuring of three companies operating in the realm of metal door manufacturing, production of metal structures and powder painting. Considerable experience accumulated during earlier metal operations has enabled the company to make a formidable statement of itself on the metal door market in Latvia. Thanks to that, next year the company’s production output has tripled. The major kinds of products were metal and fireproof doors, gates and light metalwork.

In 2008, we have performed the first fire resistance trials on metal doors, having received the respective certificates for our fireproof products in 2009, pursuant to the new standards introduced in the European Union, which has allowed us to produce doors with fire resistance ratings of EI 30, EI 45, EI 60.

In 2009, we have started manufacturing doors and walling structures of shaped steel, which has essentially expanded our range of products and allowed us to start manufacturing products with a fire resistance rating of up to EIW 120. Maintaining its expansion, in 2012, the company has started working with aluminium section systems. Aluminium sections are used for the production of doors, windows, light facade walling structures, winter gardens and spatial partition walls, including fireproof ones with fire safety classes EI30, EI45, EI60.

Years of successful work have put us into the leading position on the metal door production market and made our company the leading manufacturer of fireproof doors in Latvia.

Due to ever-increasing sales and the replenishment of machinery fleet, the company has been restructured in 2012, which has resulted in 2 major business dimensions being identified: the ISG company has continued its operations as a trade representative, while the newly founded ZIZ company has started operating as a manufacturer and performing contractual works as a subcontractor.

ISG today

As of today, we offer metal doors for administrative buildings, flats and private houses, doors for technical rooms, gates for garages and industrial plants, various metal structures, including those of stainless steel. Just like before, fireproof doors, fire resistant partition walls, hatches and gates form an essential part of our product range.

The number of internal and external aluminium and steel section shaped doors and structures enjoys sustainable growth. Our total yearly output is about 20 thousand units.

As a subcontractor in the realm of manufacturing various cold rolled, galvanize and stainless steel, copper and aluminium products, the ZIZ plant performs the following operations: pressure forming, bending, welding, cutting with different methods, shot blasting, powder painting, etc.

The plant’s monthly production capacity is up to 200 tons.

Operating our own manufacturing plant fitted with modern hi-tech equipment enables us to react swiftly to the requirements of the ever-changing market. We maintain continuous product modernization and quality improvement. Our metal doors are tested and fireproof doors certified on a regular basis. As of today, our single- and double-leafed fireproof doors, glazed doors, doors and structures of aluminium section shapes bear manufacturing supervision certificates in bulletproof performance, burglary protection, heat and sound insulation and fire resistance (ratings EI 30, EI 45, EI 60). Fireproof doors and steel section shape structures are certified to match the fire resistance rating of EIW 120.

Our primary customers are large construction companies and dealers in Latvia and abroad. The dealer network expands incessantly, and subsidiary companies are being founded. Two subsidiaries, in Sweden and Russia, were incorporated last year. Most of the export flow is comprised of fireproof metal doors and shaped steel doors.

We have established direct cooperation with door fitting suppliers, such as Assa Abloy, Nemef, GEZE, etc. We also operate our own state-of-the-art powder painting plant, ensuring high quality of painting works.

Considering the customer preferences, our design engineers work on the development of new products. One can always rely on us to find the most interesting solutions as may be required for carrying out sophisticated and unconventional orders placed by our private customers.

Aside from production, our experts provide consulting services, technical assessment, assistance in choosing the products to match an object of a specific type, professional installation and warranty service. A swift and conscientious team of professionals, usage of top quality materials only, application of cutting-edge technologies at the modern production site, direct cooperation with suppliers – these are the components that lay a cornerstone for the success and impeccable quality of our products!

The ISG company enjoys sustained development through the search for approaches allowing the implementation of new ideas and solutions. We invest in our production facilities annually in order to expand the production capacities and implement the most up-to-date technologies. We also plan on expanding the area of sales and increasing the volume thereof. In other words, our objective is to maintain continuous progress and create an optimal environment for the growth and development of our company.