PT 50 system without thermal insulation


Aluminium section system without thermal insulation PT 50 for internal structures

Internal aluminium structures: lobbies, checkouts, showcases or partition walls, as well as sliding doors (operated manually or automatically), pendulum and smoke-proof doors.

The structural depth of aluminium profiles for frames and leaves is 52 to 60 mm. Filling options: glass, aluminium panels, lumber-core and gypsum-cardboard sheets, sandwich-type panels and polycarbonate panels – 1 to 40 mm thick.

PT 50 is a system of swing doors, including coplanar doors with recessed hinges. The advantages of axial hinges are the ease of installation and adjustability in three dimensions.

  • Features
    - filling thickness 1-40 mm;
    - window leaf and door lamination option;
    - section bending