Fireproof metal door


Fireproof metal door for public buildings and special rooms.

Fireproof metal doors and partition walls with fire resistance ratings EI30, EI60 for use outside and inside offices, administrative and special premises, houses and flats. 
Finished with powder paint, any tint may be chosen from the RAL catalogue

Fireproof steel door with MDF finish EI 45

Our fireproof doors have passed the due trials, match the European quality standard EN 16034:2014 and have the respective certificates.

  • A fireproof door is an integrated system consisting of fire-resistant materials: fireproof leaf and section, filling with fire-resistant materials, foaming sealant, fire extinguishing equipment, door check, smoke sensors.

Technical data
Door leaf
  • Thickness 63 mm / 77 mm
  • Sheet thickness 1,5 mm
  • Rebate 15 mm
  • Filling stone wool
  • Finish Powdercoating / MDF
  • In one level with the frame
  • Intumescent Strip
  • Thickness 110 mm
  • Rubber sealing around the perimeter
  • One-piece with or without border
  • Fire classification EI-30, EI-45, EI-60
  • Smoke tightness C5Sa, C5S200
Additional options
  • Glazing
  • Hidden door hinges
  • Stainless steel threshold
  • Galvanizing
Certificate for metal fireproof double door, protection class EI60
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Certificate for fireproof steel door with MDF finish, protection class EI45
329 KB
Certificate metal fireproof single door, protection class EI60
211 KB
Certificate for fireproof single metal door, protection class EI30
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