Laminate finished metal doors


Laminate finished doors for houses, flats and offices

Laminate finished doors are highly durable, have good sound and heat insulating properties, resistance to mechanical damage, household chemicals and UV-rays (laminate does not fade and sallow in the sun), as well as attractive appearance, which persists for many years. Used in indoors, from the humidity closed spaces.

We offer a wide choice of different textures (mostly imitating natural wood) and tints.

The door is custom-built to fit individual dimensions based on the Euro door – 10 cm laminate sheets on both sides, total thickness of the door is 83 mm. A durable shaped tube frame also forms the case.

  • Features
    The Laminate finished door offers modern appearance, attractive price and ease of maintenance.
Technical data
Door leaf
  • Thickness 83 mm
  • Sheet thickness 1.5 mm
  • Rebate 13 mm
  • Filling stone wool
  • Laminated plate, thickness 10 mm
  • Thickness 110 mm
  • Rubber sealing around the perimeter
  • One-piece with or without border
  • Locks ASSA, Nemef, Lob, CISA
Size range
  • Height max 2300 mm
  • Single door width max 1150 mm
  • Double door width max 2300 mm
Additional options
  • Hidden door hinges
  • Stainless steel threshold
  • Galvanizing
  • Drop-down seals
Most popular colors
The full catalog of Laminate colors
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