Steel door with MDF finish


MDF finished door for houses, flats and offices (for indoor use)


The diversity of patterns and colouring of MDF sheets allows the production of an entrance door that will be unique in terms of appearance and have it fitted harmonically into any interior. A door lined with MDF sheets on the outside will be a noble decoration for any flat or office. In turn, lining the inner side of the door with an MDF panel shall yield an ideal match to the appearance of the doors between rooms. 

An MDF finished door is manufactured based on the Lain model, built to fit a specific aperture; single- or double-leafed doors, glazed doors, with an upper or side transom. Finished with a 10 cm thick MDF panel on one or both sides. Two sealing contours on the door frame and along the outline of the leaf ensure high heat and sound insulation. Comes with MDF jambs on the opening side. 

  • Features

    MDF finished metal doors boast marvellous appearance, have great performance properties; apart from that, the MDF sheet itself provides additional sound and heat insulation capabilities.

Technical data
Door leaf
  • Thickness 72 mm
  • Sheet thickness 1.5 mm
  • Rebate 15 mm
  • Filling stone wool
  • MDF plate, thickness 10 mm
  • Thickness 110 mm
  • Rubber sealing around the perimeter
  • Locks ASSA, Nemef, Lob, CISA
Size range
  • Height max 2300 mm
  • Single door width max 1150 mm
  • Double door width max 2300 mm
Additional options
  • Glazing
  • Hidden door hinges
  • Stainless steel threshold
  • Galvanizing
  • Drop-down seals
Most popular colors

We offer a range of over 20 different patterns and colours for MDF panels.

Finish options for this door: MDF + MDF, MDF + plywood, MDF + powdercoating.

MDF panels
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