Automatically drop-down Seal

Drop-down seal

is optimal solution for rooms where installation of conventional threshold is not possible for technical reasons or for institutions that need to ensure the smooth movement of disabilities, baby carriage and other transport (eg, hospitals, medical institutions, production facilities, airports, etc.)

The main functions of the auto-drop threshold seal is sound and heat insulation, protection from smoke and fire. Also, the drop-down threshold seal is effective protection against the ingress of dust, odors, fumes, insects into the room and drafts.

Drop-down seals fit to the bottom of a door and drop down automatically when the door closes to form a tight seal. The low-force system is self-levelling and does not conflict with the lock, latch or closing mechanism. The automatic drop seal will extend to a maximum of 20 mm.
Can be set in one- or double-leaf metal, wood, and aluminum doors.