Strip curtain


Strip curtains have a wide variety of applications

e.g. as a temperature barrier, as a dividing construction, as a splash guard curtain or as spark guard curtain.

The strip curtain can be used in addition to existing doors or gates, as well as in openings without doors or gates. The use of Thermod Strip Curtains as additional temperature barriers at doors and gates in cold storage rooms and warehouses means that the gates can be kept open for a longer period of time, e.g. when there is intensive traffic of people and vehicles.

Temporary dividing constructions and temperature zones can easily be built with Thermod Strip Curtains. The strips form a wall around the area in question. The strips are hung on the rail so that they overlap and are fixed with screws. The strips’ transparency enhances safety with respect to both people and vehicle traffic.

The STANDARD type is used at temperatures ranging from 0° C to +50° C.

The POLAR type is used at temperatures ranging from 0° C to –50° C.

  • Applying
    Cold storage rooms / Freezing chambers / Food processing premises / Warehouses