Warm profile system


Thermo-insulated steel section doors of different types, facades and other elements for external structures.

The Starprofil thermo-insulated steel section shape systems are intended for external installation in offices, business centres, flats, hotels, hospitals, airports, sports centres and other public and industrial buildings.

Warm profile structures match the requirements of respective classes of fire resistance, burglar protection, bulletproof capacity, smoke-proof and gas proof capabilities, as well as sanitary requirements towards sterile premises in hospitals.

Warm profile systems are made of carbon steel and may be treated with zinc coating. The entire product line is also available in stainless steel. A 20-micron think zinced coating layer is applied onto the outer and the inner side of the section shape in order to prevent metal corrosion. A non-hygroscopic MDF-based insulator that does not absorb any moisture or smell is used as a thermal insert for warm profiles. Shaped tubes are fastened with welded steel through tenons; this structural solution ensures high durability and maintains the integrity of the shaped section even in extreme temperature conditions during fires.

Steel section doors may be fitted with a wide model range of locks.

  • The usage of section shape systems allows for a dramatic increase in the utilization of daylight in rooms and makes the building look lighter, thereby greatly expanding the scope of design opportunities. Thanks to the usage of section doors inside a building, the rooms therein look more spacious.
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