Hinged gates


Hinged gates are traditional gates with a simple design that allows them to be installed at any limit.

Hinged gates are used in private houses, cottages, toll parking lots and industrial areas. The main advantage of the open able gates is cheap price and easy installation.

Gate leaf can open both inwards and outwards. Modern hinges with bearings provide ease and smoothness of movement when closing and opening the gates, that also lets you open even very heavy leafs. Technological gap between the door leaf, and between the goalposts are closed with the borders.

Hinged gate can be opened by hand or using automation. Electric drive provides comfort and improves the action of mechanism. You can operate the gate with remote control without leaving your car. Moreover, any electric drive itself can serve as a safe blocking device. In the case of power disappearance, gates can be easily unlocked by switching to manual control mode.

An important element of the gates is the photo-voltaic panels that provide the security of the gates, blocking them if in the gate a man or a car is standing.

Also gates can be complete with additional systems and equipment.

  • Hinged gate leaf can be with grid or from smooth or profiled steel sheets. Wide selection of decorative and paint coatings as well as the various filling options, allows you to choose the most appropriate solution of quality and price. The small gate what is made in the style of gate leaf, create a single composition.
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