Fireproof gates


Fireproof gates are used as an effective barrier to fire and smoke in the case of fire and are activated automatically. 

These gates can serve as the main gate, or can be installed as a second gate that is always in the open position, and closes only in the event of fire. Automation works as follows: gates are kept open, with the help of electromagnetic locks, which are disconnected by automatic smoke detectors, thus closing the gates. This technical solution (in case of fire) apprehends the possibility of safe evacuation of people and fire service access to the outburst.

Fireproof gates usually are used in buildings with higher requirements for fire safety (hospitals, administrative offices, warehousing, industrial workshops and energy facilities).

Fireproof gates by construction is similar to the traditional gates, the difference is in the used materials (fireproof gates, fireproof profile, put heat-insulating materials in, sealing from the cold smoke, fireproof automatic (smoke detectors)), which provides fire protection EI 30, EI 60. 

Fireproof gates can be assembled with the additional systems and equipment.

  • Fireproof gates can do different functions, for example, protection against unauthorized access, against cold in winter, and at the same time can be an integral part of your interior. All our fireproof gates (hinged, sliding) have the appropriate certificates and meet stringent fire safety standards