Fireproof metal door


Fireproof door installation is one of the main conditions to ensure fire safety of the buildings.

Our fireproof doors have passed the due trials, match the European quality standard EN 16034:2014 and have the respective certificates. Manufacture fireproof metal doors and partition walls with fire resistance ratings EI30,  EI60

Metal fireproof doors - it is a single system, which consists of fire resistance materials: refractory leaf, thermal profile and heat insulating material filling, frothy fireproof seals (in case of fire begins to expand and seal any gaps between the frame and door leaf that results in preventing the spread of smoke) , fireproof-automatics, smoke adapters.

  • We offer

    We produce custom-made single- and double leafed fireproof doors, fireproof partition walls, glazed doors, doors with an upper or side transom, with a door check, a “panic” handle and other systems.

The full catalog of RAL colors
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Certificate for metal fireproof double door, protection class EI60
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Certificate metal fireproof single door, protection class EI60
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Certificate for fireproof single metal door, protection class EI30
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