Network hardware, server and metal cabinets

Cabinets for floors and walls, different version setting, production by order including non-standard size.

The main advantage of metal cabinets is a universal and reliable structure that will serve long. Metal cabinets can have a different degree of resistance, depending on the thickness of steel, profile frame and lock type. Metal lockers can be complete with inner tubes, racks and racks for weapons. Additionally, you can order a cabinet with glass door and perforation.

Cupboard coating (powder) is highly resistant to different types of exposure, it is not easy to scratch even with a metal object, and it is possible to choose the coverage of any color and texture after the RAL color catalog. 

Network hardware and server cabinets for telecommunication equipment.

Metal cabinets of various types and for different purposes: accounting cabinets, metal cabinets for storage of equipment and documents, medical furniture, clothes lockers and metal racks.