Safes for different purposes


We accept orders for different sized safe production, for any purpose, what are equipped with safe locks in any combination. Safe case can be painted in one of the RAL catalog palette colors. It is possible to install in height adjustable and removable shelves and lockable compartments. Safes are equipped with key, electronic or mechanical locks alone or in combination. 

Home safes are designed to store valuables, documents, personal weapon in household and office spaces.

The case of the composite safes, consisting of a steel walls and a special anti-breakout elements, the total thickness is 30 mm. Drop, safe against cracking safes have considerable weight and rag-bolt mount to the floor, which complicates unauthorized removal of the safe out of the premises. Safe door is secured with a special protection against lock pierced or breakage.

In safes are holes, which are apprehended for safe installation on the wall or to the floor. 

Fireproof safes are designed for documents, valuables, banknotes, magnetic disc storage, which in no event will not be a subject of damage even at very high temperatures and humidity. These safes are recommended for use in protected areas and areas with limited access. Fire resistance is the ability to keep the contents of the safe in invariable temperatures for a fixed period at a high temperature exposure from the outside. Fire resistance is characterized with the time of fire effects on the safe (in minutes), in which fire do not affect contents. 

Built-in safes are suitable for jewelry and money deposited in residential and office spaces. Their popularity involves not only the opportunity to install the safe in the floor, furniture, room walls, different interior designs (thresholds and arches), but also with the possibility of hiding the safe from foreign eyes. Fixed with the help of rag-bolt and concrete. Built-in safes anti-cracking quality mainly is defined with the front plate, its thickness must be no less than 10 mm, and a lock device must include the tripartite locking system.