Sectional gates


Sectional gates are the most common garage door type that combines safety with design elegance.

Gate leaf is composed of horizontal sections (sandwich panels), which are mutually connected by loops. Gate opens and closes by moving along guides that are mounted at the edges of the box. Gates fitted like this occupies little space above the box. At the open position gates are compactly folded up, without taking place.

Strength of sectional gates provide galvanized steel, which are gate leaf made from, but the polymer coating provides excellent resistance of corrosion, environmental effects and mechanical damage.
Between the steel sheets is filled high density polyurethane that ensures heat insulation. 

Sectional gates are mainly installed in industrial premises, warehouses, shops and garages. Gates can be installed in any area both outside and inside of the box. Overhead sectional gate width can reach 11 m in height - 10 m.

Sectional doors can be both a mechanical and automatic type of opening. May be assembled with the additional systems and equipment. 

  • Color of the panels can be both standard and tailor-made with the assistance of RAL color palette. In the gates is possible to build a window in that allows the use of the daylight. If necessary in the gate leaf can be installed a door, that rise up along with the gates when they opens